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In India, Walnut furniture is a well-known firm. Value is synonymous with their brand. We have a number of solid wood and glass tables in square, rectangular, and oval forms. Buy coffee table sets that are available in a variety of classy colours and are built elegantly with stunning designs. These tables are paired with classy and comfortable chairs. The material used in the chair top cushions is also of high quality and lasts for a long time. We can also design study tables in Noida to meet the needs of their customers. With our wooden furniture line, we have joined the consolidated furniture retail market to satisfy our customer’s need. Our set of dining table in Noida range from 4 to 12 seats and are made of oak, glass, or a combination of iron and wood. Our foldable table designs are sleek and new, and they go well with contemporary Indian interiors. Our designs are very elegant and modern which suits modern décor in Indian homes.